Tuesday, February 10, 2009

work out! work out!

Few weeks ago we had a dinner sumwhere at KL before I'm going back to Perak.we dropped by at this bookstore taught that I wanna buy some junkie magz to bring there..Nothing 'hot-steamy' gossip , besides i reckon that most of the tabloids headline are mostly about celebrity Losing their weight.So I end up of buying this month Women's Weekly. To my surprise, my Love is already at the payment counter and I can see that he bought few magz..after i paid mine, then suddenly he gave me one of the magz that he bought....and here it is....

Whatttt???OMG!!My belly is an issue now!!!....*sob*

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Welcome to REALITY Alia!

It's been like 2 weeks already I've been staying in the place where nobody could ever imagine to stay..to tell u the truth, this is like my first time i'm staying apart from my family (really miss them now *sob*) But i have a reason y i do this..infact I CHOOSE this path, and I'm not gonna regret it till ever. Days by days, my life is not that bad. I still can cope with all things (take times actually) I don't know anybody here, and they don't know me either.

Looking at Facebook and browsing at my friends update, they all seems happy and most of them are already working and earn few 'bucks'. But I'm stuck here for like another one year n half...i guess. I'm not complaining but to tell how lucky i am to have this opportunity that i might wont get it in coming days..so Alia, welcome to REALITY and CONGRATS to me :)

Life is just a mirror, and what u see out there, u must see inside of u first-
Famous Amos.